Double Faced, Sebastian Bieniek, 2013.
It’s a lot easier to be angry at someone than it is to tell them you’re hurt.
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i don’t know what to tell you
other than the fact that a giraffe’s
heart weighs 22 pounds and that
somebody once told me when
flies fall in love, their entire brain
is rewired to only know loving each
other. when one of them dies, their
memory becomes blank. i hope you
never think about anything as much
as i think about waking up next to
you during a windstorm at 5 am.

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I hope you look for me in everyone you meet.
by Because I Look For You (#206: February 27, 2014)

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ScHoolboy Q at Powerhouse NYC
Photo by Samm McAlear
Format: 35mm Disposable Camera